About Us

Rediscover Your Personal Style with Print and Colour

Our Story
Founded in 2015 by Utamika Cummings, Amshina is Utamika’s middle name and it means, “born in a time of struggle”. She wanted to identify with the brand personally as she felt sharing her craft was connected in a way to sharing a part of her. Utamika had migrated to Toronto, Canada from Guyana only five (5) years prior to starting her business and sewing was the activity and pastime that contributed to keeping her busy and grounded during her initial employment search and her discovery of a new city. As she now endeavoured to create and provide a service for others, it was only fitting that the personal growth and meaning her name carried be her brand name.

The Brand
Amshina is a ready-to-wear, one-of-a-kind, custom clothing, apparel and accessories brand specializing in classic and enhanced silhouettes that transcend seasons to make your wardrobe stylish and functional.
Amshina is focused on individuals rediscovering the fit, function, fashion and fun in their wardrobe by promoting the addition of statement pieces of colour and print to create and re-create looks. Amshina is also an expression of people in colour.
Consider your go-to comfy yet fabulous pieces for work, a date night, a special occasion, a casual day out or a vacation. Add a fun colour, print or both and think Amshina!
Amshina is about recreating look after look in your wardrobe with classic pieces. The major benefit and value is the ability to add one-of-a-kind pieces to your existing wardrobe whether be it seasonally or to elevate existing pieces you own. It can also mean creating an entirely new wardrobe for a particular occasion or using familiar silhouettes to create the wardrobe of your dreams. Whether you are the one-time outfit individual or love the idea of a functional closet, Amshina caters to you. 
The Handmade Process
With the use of fun and funky fabrics, Amshina creates her pieces in a smoke and pet free environment in her home studio. All fabrics are carefully hand selected and outsourced from all over the world and patterns are self-drafted.